Flying Dragon

Following a 10,000 year sleep, the Flying Dragon ascends from darkness into light, thus fulfilling the prophecy. Awake at last, the Flying Dragon shifts shapes, textures and colors with ease, blossoming into a thoroughly resonant thunder. Behold, the mighty roar of the Flying Dragon!

Based in Brooklyn, NY, Flying Dragon is a 17 piece ensemble fusing jazz, classical, alternative rock, r'n'b, electronica, folk and world music. Previous members have included Caleb Curtis, John O'Gallagher, Alejandro Avilles, Lucas Pino, Quinsin Nachoff, Dan Pratt, Andrew Gutauskas, Tim Stocker, Mike Fahie, John Yao, Darius Jones, Scott Reeves, JC Sanford, Jennifer Wharton, Max Seigel, Seneca Black, Sam Hoyt, Andy Gravish, David Smith, Josh Deutsch, Kenny Warren, Jonathan Saraga, Matt Fuller, Alex Goodman, Chris Pattishall, Greg Chudzik, Evan Gregor, Arthur Vint and Jimmy Macbride.

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